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With a bit of know-how and some calligraphic brushstrokes, you’ll be amazed how this wonderful little owl comes to life on the paper.  You’ll have a hoot completing him! I can’t wait to see your results.


A seasonal Stag for you today Magnificent antlers, painted in a way That’ll make you rush for your brushes! Quick! Which hues and pigments will you pick? To bring this lovely young stag alive While the last Xmas Sherry you might imbibe To help you paint this chap ‘expressive’ I hope you end up feeling festive!


I know we said new tutorials every two weeks, but ... surprise! A little early pre-Christmas treat. Everybody loves robins, and with good reason! Friendly birds, they seem to take a huge interest in us humans as we move through our daily lives. I’ve selected a lively pose for this tutorial, which I think captures some of their curiosity. We’ll interpret him with loose, expressive marks rather than trying to detail every feather, bringing him to life with movement and flair! Grab your brushes and let's get painting...


Learning to paint a Kingfisher is a joy. The Kingfisher is such a beautiful, elusive bird. We’re going to create the appearance of feathers without stifling our painting with detail, using darker colours to create shape from lighter areas and using breaking-up marks. Plenty of gorgeous, vibrant colour and some bravery with water is required.


King of the jungle! You’re going to love painting this alongside me, we are really letting ourselves go with this one. Paint it big if you can; be brave, move your brush from the shoulder, big expressive brushstrokes is the way to go!


Your chance to paint a cute fluffball! But is it? Look again ... we’re going to bring this duckling alive with just enough detail to create form. This is one that somebody is bound to want on the wall, so guard your finished painting well or it’s likely to waddle off!


Cows of all shapes and sizes make beautiful, expresssive subjects for paintings. You’ll get accustomed to laying down shadow colours as a base, and making dark areas come alive with interest. Give it a try and I’m sure you’ll end up with a very moo-ving painting! Grab your brushes and let's get painting...


This is the perfect opportunity to consolidate what you learned in the previous ‘Runner Ducks’ painting. Shadow techniques that you’re now gaining familiarity with, along with knowledge and skills which will help you bring darker parts of your paintings alive. Go for it!


This is a great opportunity to experiment with building up some truly vibrant colours. We use dry brush to create the broken lines and a really nice contrasting wash in the background to make our bright butterfly pop off the page. You can use pretty much any colours you like on this or follow the reference picture. The choice is yours. Enjoy.


Imagine the scene. You’re having an evening stroll by the river and glimpse a beautiful hare sitting on the other side, framed by the setting sun. You rush back home inspired to paint … that’s what I’ve tried to create in this tutorial, number three in our beginners series. An opportunity to start to discover your own calligraphic marks, and learn how to create a backlit effect.


I hope you enjoy painting this gorgeous otter. He’s one of my favourite characters at a local wildlife sanctuary, and very photogenic! At first glance, you see a wet, grey otter. I’ll help you to see the colour within him and produce a painting you’re otterly delighted with!


Indian Runner Ducks always look as though they’re marching off to create mischief! In this beginners composition we’ll let you in gently, guiding you through each step to create your first characterful painting. I hope you really enjoy it, and I’m looking forward to seeing your painting in the gallery!